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What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

there is time i felt i know everything and i found those who works to tell i know nothing…sometimes nakaa uswahilini watoto wa kishua wanachonga..when i felll and decided to be addict…i started the new jouirney that i will never be back..


this is what i like in literature…!!!

Alastair Savage

Mid-century Los Angeles was a corrupting place. Prohibition (1920-1933) had made mafia bosses millionaires and an oil boom had brought all sorts of chancers to the quickly growing city. Coupled with people fleeing the Great Depression to seek their dreams in the movie business, you have a world of rapid rises and dramatic falls.

Two writers drawn into this web of desperation and deceit were Raymond Chandler (1888-1959) and Nathanael West (1903-1940). The two men led quite similar lives. Both novelists had parents who were first-generation immigrants to the states: Chandler’s mother came from Ireland while West’s parents were Lithuanian. Both men moved to LA from other large cities: Chandler grew up in Chicago and London, while West was a New Yorker. Each man spent their younger years in Paris before taking up relatively humdrum occupations. Chandler worked as an oilman. West managed a small hotel. Eventually, their skill with the…

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Unusual Sightings

africa home of everything….heaven on earth…tanzania has plenty parks beaches and mountains…welcome to see adventures

Christian Sperka Photography | Blog & Site

On the last day of our work cycle we had some unusual sightings. The Thanda guests on today’s morning game drive enjoyed a Spotted Hyena crossing the savanna in full daylight (a very rare occurrence).

20130305 - CS2_5840 - E - SIG

We caught a glimpse of a young Leopard before it retreated into very thick bush and …

20130305 - CS2_5994 - E - SIG

… we ended the game drive with an unusual view of the Elephant herd on the side of a hill, on which we cannot drive with our vehicles.

20130305 - CS2_6021 - E - SIG

We also saw Cheetahs, a White Rhino, Giraffes and a Yellow-billed Kite on the same drive. A great morning!

After a very long work cycle (26 instead of 21 days) I will now be off for eight days before I leave for another “Trails Guiding Contact Session Course” with African Nature Training – ANT (  in the Sabi Sands. I will return to Thanda on 24 March.

There will…

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haya sasa ndugu zetu watanzania twaweza nauza uza haya na shanga ni zetu…!!!

Inspirational Geek

Eggs For Soldiers is a fundraising campaign in support of Help for Heroes.  A “small change to your weekly shop can help make a big difference to our armed forces”.  By switching your shopping list staple to their eggs 15p from each pack sold will be contributed to Help for Heroes.

In support of the campaign East London based sculptors Jack Munro and Charlotte Austen have put together an almighty effort to produce a sculpture out of Eggs for Soldiers egg boxes of one of the best, if not the best, designed planes ever.  A Mark I Spitfire.


The full scale sculpture was unveiled at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.  Measuring 12m in length, with a wingspan of 13m, and comprised of 6500 egg boxes!



Constructed from a CNC-routed and laser cut timber frame to match the plane’s iconic elliptical wing design, this was then skinned in fabric…

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