I once had sex

xpressions of my mind

I once had sex with a nun.
It wasn’t a whole heap of fun.
I wanted doggie,
She, missionary
At the end she said ‘Bless you son!”

I once had sex with a ghost
The one I remember the most.
For still in my dreams
I can hear her loud screams
Eerie and creepy of course.

I once had sex with an actress
Right on her big comfy mattress.
Man it was good
And I loved Hollywood
Even did it in her Oscar night dress.

I once had sex with an athlete
She asked me to worship her feet
She was much too fast
I just couldn’t last
It felt just like a track meet.

I once had sex with a blogger
LOL, the poor bugger.
It was such a mess
For we met on WordPress
My dear wife wanted to mug her.

I would never have sex with a…

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