Magical Thinking Nation

inshaalaaah…Bwana asifiwe pata ujumbe huo…

Justine Graykin

There seems to be a prevailing mindset among the people of these (dis)United States that if they believe something loudly enough, it will be true. Conversely, if they deny something passionately enough, it becomes not true. There even seems to be something heroic about it in the national imagination; the brave, idealistic soul, staunchly clinging to his convictions in spite of the facts arrayed against him.

Thus certain groups dispense with evolution and substitute Intelligent Design, deny global climate change, insist on the reality of angels, visiting aliens, assorted conspiracies and Bigfoot, and force their prejudices and illusions into the public discourse. Politicians, talk show hosts and entire networks cater to what would otherwise be fringe thinking and base wildly successful careers on it. It creates a dangerous feedback loop, as the deluded find their delusions validated in the media, and believe them all the harder, picking up more converts…

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