yes..!! now am not into jokes..if u think am here to make you laugh your lost…i first thought if i have an idea is capital but yes it is a capital..but do i bealive..Oooh yes Lord i do..what about the right people to push it…mmmh..i will interview them…do you know the procedures…!!! daaagh it is my office am one to decide..its ok..go on..what about cash..i know how to earn,use and circulate it…mmmh..u seem to be good..yes offcourse,especially in loan management…aaah..!! hard money..soft money..duuh..!!1 but cash is cash..not free given anyway..!!so what are your product..ooh my words..mmh in what sense..poetry..? somehow !!! even rhyms..are you selling them..!! nop..!! attracting customers..!! to buy what..!! inspirations..!! ooh how do you benefit..!! i also have a farm..!1 how does it concern then..?? food shelter and cloth..basic human!? i discontinued then i started again to drop out..!! so whom will you talk with if you are not qualified..!!aaagh you need certificate…eenh i will print your demand capacity..!! what are doing actually…!!! am tourist that if u need to tour with got a lot of money to pay..!!! mmmh..i dont think if you can get any..!! alaaa thats why i stay alone..why angry then..!!walaah..nop am happy..? so you do nothing..!! but i earn something..!!aaagh what is a product..? anything can sell..what do you sell..what customers buy…aaaagh be specific…!!i will increase traffic..!! whom..? either seller or customers…we do control..!! to infringe right of consumer..!!! so what do you do as a seller…!! to provide my equal right to sell..!! what do you sell then..!! whatever you demand..!!aaagh edo go and kiss your ass..God bless you…!!!