GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech


Facebook Follies: Channeling our inner Aaron Levie (aka the always funny Box CEO), it seems that Google is making the whole world searchable with Google glasses and Facebook is adding a menu to its news feed and making it more structured.

Facebook’s news feed design was the big news of the week. Here is what we think about the new colorful icons and sorting of the feed into categories like events and music. By the way, why couldn’t they couldn’t come up with a better analogy than a newspaper?

Talking about Facebook, one has to wonder what raw nerve Nick Bilton’s piece hit that the social web giant had to come back with all its PR guns blazing. Bilton pointed out that the engagement on his posts had gone down drastically but when he paid to promote those same links, it shot up. We have a sneaking suspicion…

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