Missing the Rhubarb Patch

The Garden Smallholder

Timperley Early rhubarb in March

As I froze my socks off in the garden today I thought about tucking into warm rhubarb crumble. This is how the Timperley Early rhubarb patch (which no longer belongs to us) will be looking around about now. I miss it.

And the rhubarb crumbles I would be making and enjoying around about now…..

making rhubarb crumble

rhubarb crumble

To cheer me up we started the ball rolling for our new patch today and bought my favourite variety of rhubarb (Rich hates rhubarb), three puny looking Timperley Early crowns sweating away in a plastic bag. Buying them this way was a great deal cheaper than the potted single crowns and I couldn’t find my favourite this way anyway. I saved the crowns from the sweaty bag and potted them up individually, placing them in the greenhouse until we’re ready to plant them out.

It will be a long while before I can pull garden rhubarb again and our allotment rhubarb patch needs at least another year before pulling to give it the best start possible. Not to worry, I can always…

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Food, glorious food

The Wiener Takes It All

It’s no secret on this blog that I’m rather fond of food. This hasn’t always been the case – in the past I’ve had a very silly relationship on food, that bordered on a potential problem at times. Even once those days had passed, I was left with a guilt about food – I would feel bad every time I ate something ‘bad’. And, seeing as I had moved in with Dan, and nights out where quickly replaced with bowls of pasta on the sofa, the ‘bad’ definitely outweighed the good.

I had two choices. I could either accept that I loved food, try and ignore the guilt-ridden voice in my head and accept that I would probably become a little bit wobbly, or I could do something about it.

I chose the second version and joined a gym. As I’ve mentioned before, this went against every bone in my…

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We communicate in Kiswahili we learn In English..!!! That journey begins. Tomorrow on early hours I will take move…!!I keep on thinking that: which is easier to climb the mountain or to stay inside the crater..mmmh…!!! that’s Ngoro Ngoro or Kilimanjaro..Oooh Jesus mikumi or udzungwa some other time…!!! it will be silence…we plant the seed. Greetings na kujiongeza ni juu kwa juu…See me coming if you happen too…!! God is one. Love you all..!!Snapshot_20130309_9Snapshot_20130309