The scenario of visionary documentary: Once adapted to Swahili coverage into mingles of million world cultural…coverage: The African test testifies the glory glory of ujamaa na uhuru as Mwalimu the late hon. Julius Kambarage Nyerere did back in history as up building of the Nation: Couple music seemed to be a relaxation social welfare of the community: Love and cherish crossed boundaries:Lifestyle seemed to be movies imagined i was never there… Come to the fact now: Life is never reality is movies…dis factional of behavior change..In cultural shock..truly single breath could hold on: I said my friend line was never erotic…she say mmh…laaah…!!! Butterfly: Am a gardener mind you:How comes Director..? Script that: Ooooh we need some vibes..supu..alcohol…mmmh…kuna mboga mboga…hahahaaa…bidhaaa asili za tiba asili za kurudi edeni…Ahsanteee..!!! kwa kuonesha unajali…!!!