Empty theory in presence of fact…vinnie…continued to the biggest turn on from a woman is when she don’t use her beauty or body as weapon…Swahili accepts that impresses Edward John Mollel accept that in presence of clearing and forward chase..New Car import was in thought…Class work..Transporter…Orientation course work on shinning rehab star…not a movie…documentary…wait for your special complementary…intellectually…Probably in coming December..Tigo line need renewed: Tigo pesa services:M-Pesa services line on and CRDB mastered card: In debit and credit balances: Imagine being a father and service you can offer.Community complication..and day to day delegation.. responsibility…everyday principle of working speed.Thinking to invest more in partnering skills: Think we are twins-tin knows…she isn’t teen….she like my stile…despise of what i thought..Team..Coco..Jojo…Case..Missing You..



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